Principal Solar, Inc. – Creating The World’s First Distributed Solar Utility

Principal Solar, Inc. focuses on acquisition, management, finance and development of solar power companies. It operates like a solar energy holding company and it is based in Texas.


Mission of Principal Solar, Inc.

    • Activate connections that are needed in order to diverse the community of solar energy
    • Collecting and disseminating information that is necessary in order to accelerate the adoption of solar energy
    • Inspiring as well as energizing the positive urgency that is required in order to shift the world to solar energy dependency
    • Offer solar energy education as well as knowledge inside the industry as well as outside the of solar energy industry.
  • Make solar energy to become self sustaining and to make the driving force for this transformation.


Andover, Mass 3.5 solar project is acquired by Principal Solar, Inc.

It announced acquisition of a solar project of 3.5MW that was slated for Andover , Mass that was from R & D solar and SunGen. This was originally developed by Talmage Solar Engineering that is located in Arundel, ME, and its construction is to start in the second quarter of 2013. When the solar system is completed, it will be interconnected to the National Grid’s substation that is in Andover, Mass. This project in Andover is used to expand the presence of PSI in the New England.

world first distributed solar utility principal solar


The launch of principle Solar Institute by Principal Solar, Inc. where Mathew A. was appointed as the Director of the Institute
The Principle Solar Institute was launched by Principal Solar, Inc. which is an online reference center as well as a resource guide for the development and installation by the professionals in the utility and the commercial scale market. This institute sponsors educational events for free and also offer resource guides as it publishes the White Papers. It also disseminates critical information in order to advance the knowledge base for those stakeholders who are in the industry. The Principal Solar, Inc. announced that a Ph.D scientist called Mathew A. Thompson, as the appointed director of the institute. He has a 23 years experience concerned in semi-conductor process development as well as yield enhancement at Freescale Semiconductor as well as Motorola. At Motorola, Thompson is the one who developed vertical gate oxidation equipment and the processes. He also designed the synchrotron x ray optics in collaboration with IBM and Motorola for deep lithography and also supported the x ray mask design.


The appointment of Principal Solar, Inc. advisory Board
The Principal Solar, Inc. also made some announcement about the appointment of 3 leaders who are recognized nationally as business leaders to the Principal Solar, Inc. advisory Board. This includes Erle Nye who is the chairman of emeritus of the TXU Corp, the chairman of the Blockbuster Inc who was the former president as well as CEO of the & Eleven, James W. Keyes who is the chairman of the Key development LLc as well as Jim Young, who is a consultant, veteran leader and also the speaker for EDS and has been working in the same position for more than 34 years.