Own Your First Grape Solar GS-4600-KIT – A Solar System With High Power Output

When property owners want to install a solar system with high power output then Grape Solar GS-4600-KIT is the perfect solution. It is especially suitable for residential requirements where the homeowner wants to take advantage of solar energy. The kit includes everything required to start producing and consuming electricity.

There is no need to buy any additional component to start using the power generated through this solar kit. The kit is easy to install. While professional installation is recommended, the same is not necessary and any homeowner with knowledge of some DIY can install this solar system without any assistance.The Grape Solar GS-4600-KIT includes 20 solar panels that produce 230 watt each, a PVP 4800 inverter, and racking components to install the solar panels on the rooftop.

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solar panelIt is a flexible solar power system that can be expanded later on by adding more kits. This way as much energy as required can be generated. It is a certified solar panel kit that is eligible for all types of tax breaks and rebates available from federal, state and local governments. This results in less initial investment. Combine this with shorter payback time because of reduced electricity bill, and this system proves very economical. The solar panels used in Grape Solar GS-4600-KIT are made with strong and durable materials that have good impact resistance. The panels have low iron tempered glass with high transmittance. The rack and the solar panels are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions like hail, rain fall and high winds. Even under low sunlight condition, each panel generates stable and reliable electricity output. Each panel has about 60 silicon cells that produce high-quality efficient power.

The combined output of all 20 panels is 4600 watts. This comes to about 420-840 kWh of power every month.The DC power output is converted into AC power that can be used to run AC appliances and lighting. The power generated by this solar system can be used with electrical systems certified for 120/240 volts 60 Hz rated electricity.

Solar panels used in Grape Solar GS-4600-KIT are FSEC, CEC and UL certified. The kit comes with 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on workmanship and materials, including the racking and inverter system. There is even limited warranty of 25-year on power output. The kit comes with a quick start manual that makes it easy to install everything quickly and start using the product without any problem. The Grape Solar GS-4600-KIT is a completely integrated system that does not require any complex calculation to determine what type of solar panel on inverter is needed.

It is a maintenance-free electricity generator because there are no mechanical moving parts. It is install it and forget it system that can be used in any area where sufficient sunlight is received. It can be used for generating entire daily or part of electricity requirement of a household. The inverter provides high-level performance. Solar energy has emerged as the best way to generate green and clean electricity. Homeowners can benefit from this type of renewable energy that is not only eco friendly but also economical in the long run.