Atmos Energy Helps You Save Not Just Energy But Money Too

It is well evident that all homeowners and business owners prefer appliances that run with natural gas these days as they are reliable and efficient. If you are planning to purchase some natural gas based appliances, you can enjoy more benefits like reduced energy bills and rebates. If you are located in and around Texas looking for natural gas based appliances, then you can find lots of options available at Atmos energy. It provides exceptional services and has obtained a top as it is one of the leading domestic natural gas marketers. There are various benefits that you get to enjoy when you approach Atmos energy for consultation.

Atmos Energy and the American Gas Association want you to know about the importance of natural gas safety in your home! Watch the video!

Atmos Energy Senior Service Tech Robert Vance demonstrates how gas meters are read and bills are generated.

Easily accessible
Atmos energy is present across the entire region. So, you can find one near your locality. Their authorized dealers are available in every part of the city for helping you in your need.

Extends a helping hand
Atmos energy not only offers just energy but this company can help you choose the best appliance that uses very less natural gas to fulfill all your needs. Moreover, this company delivers natural gas at your home or office premises and also helps in installing the equipment to make your place very comfortable. They also repair your appliances and offer energy saving tips that help you save a lot of energy and optimize the usage of your appliances.

Excellent customer care service
Atmos energy offers excellent customer care service that is available round the clock in order to take care of all your needs. Whether you have a gas leakage at home, or feel that your appliance is not performing effectively or you have doubts about replacing an existing pipeline, you can contact their customer care service. You will be happy to know you’re your calls will be attended immediately and a team of professionals would reach your place in no time to fix the issue. This is because Atmos energy does not take an issue with gas appliances lightly. You can also contact this company in case you are moving to a new location and willing to shift the gas connection to that address.

Budget billing plan
Atmos energy does not offer just energy but also makes sure that you save a lot of money. In fact, this company is well known for preventing the customers from spending huge sum of money each month. This plan does not provide you with any lower rate or any kind of offer or discount. Instead of that, the company makes certain that the total annual cost of energy bills would remain the same. This plan is based on the average of the billing amounts of 12 months, exclusive of the charges of the service order. In other words, the billing amount of 12 months are added and then divided by the total service days. In this way, you will get the amount of bill per day and you have to multiply it with the number of days in the present billing cycle. Thus, you will see that your bill vary just a little each month.

Effective online services
If you have a busy lifestyle, then you can avail the online services of Atmos energy to apply for a new gas connection, get a gas delivery, change your address, change billing plan and make payments effectively with just a click of mouse.

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